“…existing social system…depends on inequality…”

“…The existing social system CANNOT offer equality to everyone, it depends on inequality. Offering “equality” to a few token women is not equality. I recognize I am privileged in many ways. I’m white, middle class, have had access to education, and have a supportive family, yet I am not going to apologize for the fact that being disabled puts many barriers in my way that I can’t magically overcome with the powers of inspiration porn. Yet I am constantly bombarded by shit like ” the only disability is a bad attitude,” or told I am “bitter” or “lazy” for acknowledging the fact my illnesses have fucked up my career and life opportunities. Or it is assumed I should throw my weight behind “feminist” campaigns and campaigners who do not acknowledge the difficulties women like me face, that if I don’t, I am being “divisive” and “rude” to challenge why certain strands of feminism claim to be for “all women,” but ignore the voices of so many.”

“Things like Lean In are simple, fluffy faux “solutions” offering a tiny sticky plaster and allowing some tokens to succeed within the same systems that keep even more down. …. It peddles the myth that everyone can succeed if you just “work hard enough” and those that don’t succeed have only themselves to blame, it absolves us of any social responsibility, it places the largest burdens on the weakest shoulders.”

Leaning In and Falling Over: Failures of Mainstream Feminism, on BlogHer.com, by Chloe Miriam

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