Personal and Professional in Blogging Business

One of the things I find most fascinating about individuals running professional blogs online, with an entrepreneurial perspective, is the combination of very personal and heart-touching articles published beside real-world (cold?) advice. This was something that I found myself mulling over while perusing the Ask Vixen blog. She provides business advice, travel articles, and many other things – including commentary on her miscarriages and current pregnancy.

It’s a good blog and an excellent example of the personal aspects of a small town brick-and-mortar being transported into the virtual world. I am often sad that we are losing this personal touch in our real world lives. Is the prevalence of personal in online small-business ventures (blogging and other web-based businesses) proof that we, as human beings, both crave and need this personal touch?

It’s something to think about.

Here are a few quotes from the Vixen:

“To make money blogging, always remember that your blog is a business. It’s taken me a while to inculcate this into my brain, but it’s just as true for me as it is for you… To me, making money blogging is like finding a job. We’ve all had to look for employment several times in our lives. Use the steps to finding a job as your template.”

Guaranteed Way to Make Money Blogging by Catherine Gacad on Ask Vixen

“Mama readers, I need your help. I’m stumped. Everything I’ve read so far has led me to believe that cloth diapers (over the duration of diapering your child) are less expensive than disposables. If that’s the case, that cloth is cheaper and also better for the environment, why don’t I know a single person who has ever used cloth?”

Pregnancy Question #2: Diaper Decisions by Catherine Gacad on Ask Vixen

“I attended a blogging webinar sponsored by a design brand. The Head of PR said she was looking for blogs that were well-designed with page ranks 3 and above. That’s not me. I shrugged and figured I’m not a design blog so I wouldn’t have been the right fit anyway. Hours later, the company contacted me about advertising on my blog. The takeaway? Don’t reject yourself before companies have the chance to consider you. Have confidence!”

How I Make Money Blogging by Catherine Gacad on Ask Vixen

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