Name Game: Burger King

The Mexican state of Sonora has instituted a baby name black list, which legally restricts the names that can be given to children born in that area. You can see the entire list on and a discussion of the politics (in Spanish) on

When I see stories like this, I like to look at the black listed names, root out something particularly unusual, and try to come up with a reasonable alternative – something I call the ‘Name Game.’ So, here we go…

Banned Name: Burger King

Part 1: Burger

  • beef: Reuben, Wellington, Angus, Chuck, Kobe
  • cow or cattle: Birley, Boyne (Boine), Gobind, Vachel

Part 2: King

  • king: Roy, Arthur, King, Ryan, Leroy, Malik
  • royal: Auberon, Basil, Royal,

In the United States a list of potential boys name (first and middle) that are reasonably standard and have the hidden meaning of Burger King would be:

  • Reuben Roy
  • Angus Ryan
  • Kobe King
  • Chuck Leroy
  • Wellington Arthur

The meanings behind most of these names were pulled off of the internet, so please take the ‘definition’ with a grain of salt. Also, I am not well versed in Mexican or Spanish naming conventions so the list might be different if the game were played by someone whose native language is Spanish.

(C) Adora Myers 2014

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