Yale University, CT, USA (Photo)

I happened to have some time to myself while visiting New Haven, CT, in 2006. So I took a walk around the Yale University campus. It was a grey and rainy day, so I’d hoped to get some moody photos of old ironwork and old ivy league school architecture.The ironwork was there (certainly), and I really liked this fence with the snakes, but the university did not meet my expectations because it was not simply saturated in that old-school look. There were even a few grand examples of rather modern architecture, which was enormously disappointing (for me) – and that fact probably says a lot about my own (mis)conceptions about ivy league schools. Granted, my expectations were based primarily on Hollywood and old novels…but, anyway…

While meandering about, I happened across this photo of a woman posted to a phone pole. The usual manner of student-centered announcements were pinned to other areas of the pole, but this one photo was just stuck there without reason or explanation. It was both odd and fascinating. Even now I look at this snapshot and find myself wondering “what on earth is that all about?”

(C) Adora Myers 2014

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