Pictures in the Stars

The Kids Book of the Night Sky on

Image Source:

“There’s Draco the Dragon!
Just follow his trail.
He prowls the sky
with his long curving tail.”

Seeing Stars, written by Dandi Daley Mackall and illustrated by Claudine Gevry

Note: This is one of many children’s books that I have picked up at a garage sale or a second hand store. While I was able to find the author and illustrator online, I can’t seem to find the book itself listed anywhere. It is unfortunate if the text has gone out of print because the silver foil enhanced illustrations are very popular with babies and young children alike. It’s also a good introduction to the pictures and stories contained in the night sky – particularly when it’s not possible to view the sky itself.

I’ve included an image to another astronomy text for kids (above), as well as a few online astronomical calendars to help plan a sky gazing adventure:

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