The Monster Smiled

This book is written in English but contains Spanish words in a style similar to that used by the Dora The Explorer and Go, Diego Go! cartoons (and books). The words are the names of less commonly known animals and I found myself struggling to pronounce a few. So…fair warning…if you are relying on High School/College Spanish classes and are in the habit of showing off your pronunciation skills while reading to youngsters (uh….yeah….I do that) then you may want to practice these terms before preparing to read.


“Did I scare you?” Asked Spike.

“Scare me? No.” El Monstruo laughed. “It’s just that no one has ever smiled at me before.”

…”Wait, amigo, I need your help….Everyone runs away from me, so I have no one to ask for help.”

Spike the Mixed-Up Monster, written by Susan Hood and illustrated by Melissa Sweet

All about Axolotls (AKA: Spike the Monster):



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