Tragic and Complex Characters for Halloween

Many years ago I was very active in college and community theater and one of my interests was costuming.  a common challenge for costumers in this community is money. Have you ever been involved in a school pageant where the kids are using their parent’s bathrobe (and other similar items) as ‘costumes?’ Community theater is a more elaborate version of the same technique. When the budget is virtually non-existent, the costume director and/or designer are often left with only one option – find something that is close-enough and modify as needed.

While looking through the costuming options made available through some of the affiliate programs this website is registered for, I was reminded of those days of hunting down, and modifying, costumes. The costuming company has given each costume an official name, but I find myself identifying other possibilities.

The following are examples of  costumes that can be used to represent complicated, strong and often tragic female characters presented in literature – both ancient and recent.

The Devil Wears Prada

Tess of the d’Urbervilles

West Side Story


Wife of Baths Tale

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