Classic Witch Costumes

If you want a classic witch costume then find something long, black and flowing. The most common costume images used for women-who-use-magic tend to involve striking colors and flowing fabrics.

Combine a black dress with a black pointed Witch Hat and the traditional American Halloween Witch (as found in the movie The Wizard of Oz), is achieved. You can wear a mumu, as long as it’s all-black, flowing and complimented by a pointed hat. That said, if you have a fun black dress and an old-fashioned broom (similar to the one pictured here) you can wear a more stylish hat.

Or, if you prefer, find a long flowing black Cape. You can wear virtually anything underneath as long as you accessorize with props that clearly say ‘magic,’ such as a Witch’s Broom or a Wand.


Elemental Witches

Here are a few costumes that can be used to represent a magic-user (AKA: A Witch) through the use of bright colors, long flowing fabrics, striking design and props. In every case, the addition of a Witch’s Broom or a Wand would make the costume an obvious Witch. Interestingly, a pointed hat would look out-of-place on most of these costumes.





Classic Witches – Pregnant

If you are pregnant, the Witch’s costume can be easy to create, and comfortable to wear.

Take a long flowing black (or colorful and striking) maternity dress and add a black pointed Witch’s Hat. If the hat and dress aren’t Witchy enough, just add a Witch’s Broom or a Wand to complete the look.

A comfortable pair of matching shoes (even black sneakers) are all you need beneath a long flowing dress. After all, it’s Halloween – no one expects you to be wearing fashionable (much less fashion-perfect) attire.

 Classic Witches – Short Dress

It is also possible to use a dress that is short, tight or an example of the classic LBD (little black dress). Here are a few more examples of short non-flowing dresses on a classic and easy to identify Witch. However, it is important to note that, in every case, the pointed Witch’s Hat is extremely important and the Witch’s Broom is very helpful in completing the look.

In other words, if you want to go with short and tight instead of long and flowing, plan on wearing a big pointed Black Witch’s Hat and, possibly, carrying a prop or two.

Classic Witches – Color

When creating a classic Witch, it’s important to remember that the combination of a long and flowing gown (or Cape) and a pointed Witch’s Hat are more important than an all-black costume. When creating costumes for multiple people, or for the stage, the addition of differentiating colors can be absolutely necessary.

Color can be used in the classic Witch costume without sacrificing the immediately identifiable ‘Witch’ look. This is illustrated by the following two costumes, which use black and another color, to create a classic American Witch that is easily recognizable  – even without the Witch’s Broom or Wand.

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