Halloween Statements – Profiling

While working on the astronauts posting for last Sunday, it occurred to me that the orange jumpsuits used by astronauts looked a lot like prison uniforms. Then I realized the blue astronaut costumes and the green pilot costumes looked like the work clothes worn by construction workers, farmers, factory workers and auto mechanics. Looking at prison uniform costumes, I also noticed that the shape of the uniforms is very similar to standard nursing and medical clothes.

All of these design similarities got me to thinking about the protests in St. Louis and issues surrounding both racial profiling and workers rights.

On Halloween, people of all ages dress up in costumes and go door to door, trick-or-treating. Often the festivities spill out into other neighborhoods. It’s probably the only time of year when people will welcome a stranger wearing a mask who rings the doorbell and asks for food (well, OK, candy).

If you are an activist or protestor, you can use this as a fun way to spread your cause by dressing up in costumes that illustrate your statement. For example, a person in a police costume accompanied by a collection of individuals in orange jumpsuits used by many professions can illustrate racial profiling. A collection of people dressed up in workers uniforms, wearing zombie make-up and carrying protest signs that suggest the lack of health care and decent wages resulted in a devastating zombie epidemic – and the bosses STILL expect the workers to show up on time and pretend they love their jobs. On the other end, a business suit with a red (or blue) tie and zombie make-up could make a statement about the nature of politics and politicians.

Halloween is a lot of fun, but it’s also an opportunity to get a message out there in a friendly and non-invasive manner. So, whatever your cause or your passion, consider using those creative costume ideas to develop something that might actually force people to stop and think.

By way of illustration, here are a series of costumes that could be used in a statement about police arresting the wrong person:


Orange Prison Uniform

Orange Prison Uniform

Brown Prison Uniform


Green Jumpsuit – Pilot

Nursing Uniform

Brown Jumpsuit – Pilot

Orange Jumpsuit – Star Wars Pilot

Orange Jumpsuit – Astronaut


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