Halloween Classic: Super Hero

The old-fashioned (or traditional) Super Hero costume consists of:

  • Cape: Made from an old towel tied around the neck or pinned to the shoulders of an old shirt and a felt cutout letter or symbol pinned (sewed or glued) to the enter of the towel.
  • Mask: Cut out of felt in an appropriate color.
  • Belt: Same color as the mask and usually made out of felt cut-outs, but sometimes covered in aluminum foil.
  • Gloves or wrist cuffs: Also made out of felt or covered in aluminum foil.

When creating an easily recognizable super hero costume, the most important elements are the cape and the mask. After those two things are in place, it’s possible to mix, match and play with the outfit. As illustrated by the costume available on Etsy, you can even add a tutu or a princess dress, without losing the superhero effect.

Safe For Work

If you need a costume for the company Halloween party, or just want to dress up for the holiday without worrying about running into a boss, supervisor or coworker, then a  superhero costume is something to consider.

Since many offices define ‘costume day’ as ‘jeans day’, pairing your favorite superhero shirt with a pair of jeans will create the base costume. When it’s time to indulge in the pot luck (and potential picture-taking) you can take the mask/hat off of your desk (or cubicle wall) and put it on for the festivities.

Fun Family Theme

Whether you create a generic superhero from scratch or put on a complete costume from any of the dozens (hundreds?) of comic book heroes out on the market, dressing the entire family up as superheroes can make for a fun theme – particularly considering each family member can choose any superhero (or X-men mutant) he or she desires, and the collective family ‘look’ will still work.

The following costumes illustrate the wide variety of costumes that clearly fall under the superhero theme.

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