Pirates Year Round

Pirate costumes are wonderful. They can be as comfortable and weather-appropriate as necessary, or they can border on fetish-wear. It’s a fun, versatile and reasonably easy look to create for Halloween, movies, the stage, costume parties or visits to the Renaissance Faire. For those who are particularly taken with the character, the costume can be utilized during tall-ship performances or visits to pirate themed pubs and bars. Since pirates were, basically, pre-20th century criminals, they are an excellent outlet for anyone interested in spending an evening acting tough, unrefined, callous, sneaky or eccentric/crazy.

Basic Costume The most common and easily recognizable pirate costume consists of a very basic pair of pants, usually ripped at the bottom, a white poet’s shirt, an eye patch, a bandana worn over the hair and a sword (see the image at the top of this blog posting). This look is applicable to both men and women, but most women will wear a skirt with a corset-style belt.

The girls pink and black costume included below is easily identifiable as a pirate because of the hat, sword and boots – the tutu-like skirt does not take away (to much) from the overall effect. This illustrates the large amount of room girls and women have when creating a costume.

Fancy Costume – Pirates in Suits The fancier versions often depict some sort of pirate captain, while the ripped, torn and poor-man’s version would represent crew members. If the basic (crew) pirate is compared to the fancy/captain pirate the difference pretty much comes down to this – Captains wear suits and crew members do not. Granted, the suits are very old-fashioned versions of today’s managerial coat and tie look, but the key elements are there (e.g.: a coat, nice shirt and tie/ruffle).

Pirate Costumes

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