Krampus, Winter Monsters and Angels

Throughout November and December, most Americans are making costumes that fall under a ‘warm and fuzzy’ category. While Thanksgiving has it’s darker racial aspects (something to be examined later) and Christmas performances have similar issues, the objective and intent of those making and wearing the costumes is almost invariably positive. It’s a very family oriented and G-rated season.

Unless you celebrate Krampus. The short (and modern) version of this tradition boils down to this: good children get presents from Santa Claus and bad children get eaten (or dragged alive into the netherworld) by the Krampus.

Regardless of whether or not you agree with this method of child rearing (I don’t), the Krampus events and parades can be a lot of fun. Since today is the day after Halloween and most people are still coming-down from the freight fest and sugar bacchanalia, today seemed like the perfect day to take a look at a few costumes suited to the December 6th dark-side-of-santa event known as Krampus.

Demon Monsters

The most popular feature of the Krampus event is the devils and monsters. Images show a creature with enormous horns, lots of fur and a frightening face.

The abominable snowman has similar features (minus the horns).

The classic (Americanized) devil is very similar but far less animal-like.

In the United States most people would refer to the Krampus as demons or trolls.

Wings: One of the feature seen in the costumes featured here which do NOT appear in the images of the Krampus is wings. While the fallen angel has a very similar appearance, the wings clearly set it apart from the earth-bound Krampus.


Another aspect to Krampus is children dressed as angels. Angels will be examined in more depth later, but here are a few costumes that clearly represent the angel image.

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