Snowman Costumes

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Building snowmen out of snow or a collection of craft supplies is a popular winter holiday past time.  Telling heart warming stories about snowmen who come to life…

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or scary stories about snow monsters are also traditional past times.

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While it is more common to wear a snowman themed costume to a holiday season party, some people opt for the scary side of things. Here is a look at both fun and frightening snowman costumes, and what makes them recognizable.

 White, Black and Blue

Fun magical snowmen are all white, because they are made out of snow. They also have black buttons on the front, to represent the long-ago tradition of using pieces of coal to represent eyes and buttons on the snowman’s ‘shirt.’ The finishing touch is a black top hat and a red and/or black scarf – all traditional methods of a dressing up an actual snowman (and immortalized by the Frosty the Snowman cartoon).

Abominable SnowmanSnow monsters, abominable snowmen or the Americanized version of the Yeti (not to be confused with the Yeti in other parts of the world), have shaggy white fur and a blue face and hands. The look is something akin to cross between Bigfoot and a polar bear (and immortalized by the Rudolf, the red nosed reindeer animated TV special)..

Here are a collection of friendly snowmen and both friendly and scary snow monsters:

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