Activism is Personal

This book uses a lot of old-school feminist language. Some people, feminists included, may find the references to patriarchy and the nature of men annoying and possibly even bordering on offensive.

That said, the core purpose of the book is the creation and continuation of UN sponsored conferences focused on women. The author is also very involved in creating women’s circles, most (all?) of which have some form of spirituality as their center, with conversation and activism as an extension of that spirituality.These are good and important things that are worthy of support.

If the occasional discourse on the nature of patriarchy is unappealing, I encourage you to plow through (or skip over) those meandering asides and focus on the actions the author has proposed. Specifically: building community and creating long-standing UN sponsored conferences focused on women.


Activism is a personal choice. It is a passion for a cause expressed through actions, funding, communication, as well as prayer, rituals, and art.

Moving Toward the Millionth Circle: Energizing the Global Women’s Movement by Jean Shinoda Bolen

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