Best Children’s Books For Camping – Recommendations?

While preparing for an upcoming vacation, I was going back-and-forth between sticking to a strict no-electronics camping trip and turning off everything except my kindle full of books. If I leave the kindle at home, I will have to bring a handful of old-fashioned paper-based books that I own and, therefore, do not have to worry about accidentally destroying with water or mud. In other words, no library books and significant limitations in terms of weight and mass. (Carrying an extensive library around in a little electronic device has spoiled me.)

This got me to wondering about packing books for kids. I tried to create a list of children’s books that are perfect for a week in the woods and came up empty. My own childhood had it’s fair share of summer vacations in a tent (or camper), and I do not remember bringing, much less reading, books during those times.

So, I’m putting this out to people on the internet – if you were going to include a few bedtime stories in the family camping gear, which stories would you include? Why?

Also, if you have an opinion about the sans-electronics vs bring-the-ebook dilemma, please feel free to express yourself here. 🙂

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