Giggle Book Award for Children’s Books

Recently, while reading books to a young family member, it occurred to me that the books I select as examples of quality are always appreciated by the kids who listen. Yet, there is a special sub-set of books that are requested, by the kids, over and over again. Usually, these are also the books that make the kids giggle. Every. Single. Time.

This is the inspiration behind the Giggle Book Award. I will present the Giggle Book Award to books selected by the children in my life – as proven by the deep, heartfelt giggling and/or requests for more. šŸ™‚

If you have children in your life and a collection of books that meet the Giggle Book Award criteria, please visit this page for a copy of the logo and rules for participating in the award.

The first giggle book award goes to…

(Drum roll!)

Monkey with a Tool Belt by Chris Monroe

This story inspires both fear and giggles. Chico Bon Bon is captured by a circus performer who intends to force the little monkey to live in a cage and dance to organ music. Luckily, Chico Bon Bon he is a very smart and well prepared little monkey. Using the tools in his tool belt and his skills as a tinkerer and carpenter, he escapes.

Every time I’ve read this book (and there have been many), the kidnapping inspires little ones to grab my arm, hide behind a pillow (or stuffy) or sit wide-eyed and very still. The escape produces giggles, laughter and (sometimes even) cheers.

From an adult perspective, it’s an OK story with nice, colorful images. From a child’s perspective, it’s an edge-of-your-seat adventure with a ultra-exciting happy ending!

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