A Terrible Mistake – Steps One and Two

I made a terrible mistake. It’s embarrassing, but it happened. Worse, it happened online. What do you do after making a stupid and public mistake? Take three steps: 1) own it, 2) fix it and 3) move on.

Step 1: Owning It

The word Raccoon is misspelled in the Wild Raccoon Press and Wild Raccoon Market logos.

I’ve spent the majority of my professional life working as a writer and editor in some capacity or another. I spend the bulk of my days creating and editing documents. I have spent (literally) thousands upon thousands of hours dealing with words, words, WORDS! Yet, somehow, I did not see the missing C – until now.

This simple, stupid and embarrassingly obvious mistake has been out there for many months. The logos have been posted to my website for ages, and I’ve proudly placed them on social media and professional accounts (read: everywhere), so there’s no hiding the fact.

These logos were the result of a 48hourslogo.com contest, and (now that I see it) all of the other logos are spelled correctly. Palm slap to the forehead, banging head against wall, hand sign for ‘loser’ held in front of face…I did not see it.

So, there it is, the mistake was made and it’s public. It’s big. Much bigger than a misspelled word in a blog posting because it’s so key, central and visible. There’s no escaping the fact, no hiding it under the rug and no changing it. What’s done it done.

Step 2: Fixing it

If you know a designer who would like to help fix this mistake, please direct them toward this UpWork posting. Sadly, 48 Hours Logo does not provide an option for contacting and working with the original designer (without posting a brand-new contest), so UpWork it is.

Step 3: Moving On

I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. For now, I’m so embarrassed….

5 thoughts on “A Terrible Mistake – Steps One and Two

  1. HA!
    Stands for “Happy Accident.”
    Adora, your “accident” of missing the misspelling lead you to me, asking to fix it. Whether you hire me or not (I realize budget is a consideration) it just doesn’t matter (although I’d like to deliver you some professional work).
    What does matter is discovering you through the HA. I’ve enjoyed the last hour or so reading through your stories on wildraccoonfarm.com–good thing the url is spelled right as that would be a real snafu–although check Racccon in the menu bar (if it’s not too few c’s it’s too many!)–and looking at the charming toys and graphics at your etsy shop, but most of all reading your “oops” post above. I too am an ace speller, but I’ve blown the obvious as well. (Lost a spelling bee on “freind”–can you believe it?)
    So, Adora, accidents happen, and as long as you catch ’em, own ’em, and fix ’em, all is good. Even better than good, as sometimes they are Happy Accidents like this one, leading me to discovering you.

    • Thank you for catching that second error! I’m looking at all of these errors and remembering the circumstances under which they occurred. I know I’m not the only person with family, a regular job and side-projects/private business ambitions…but that is the issue here. Loud crazy house, 10 minutes to complete a few quick tasks, rushing between commitments… (sigh) That’s when errors occur. You are correct. A second set of eyes would do wonders. I’m also wishing for an extra 10 hours in the day. 🙂

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