Inspired By…

While addressing an error in logo design, I took a moment to compare Zazzle to CafePress. As a result, I created a Zazzle shop.

Capable of Anything T Shirt

Preparation and Bravery on Wild Raccoon Press, Zazzle

The primary purpose behind Wild Raccoon Press gift shops is to create quote-based products. After using both platforms, I can honestly say Zazzle is significantly easier to use and creates a much better looking shop. While I have not given up on CafePress (yet), I fully understand why so many bloggers and artists are choosing Zazzle as their primary gift-shop platform.

Quote shirts (and gifts) are a mainstay of coffee shops and bookstores everywhere. Placing a selection of text, followed by the author and title, on an article of clothing or a coffee mug is a common gift-shop offering. As I delved into this area of creative design, I was surprised to learn that some quotes and authors are more likely to be censured than others.

For example, I posted quotes from World War Z by Max Brooks (made into a 2013 movie), M is for Magic by Neil Gaiman (no movie), Gold Runner by Tessa Gratton (no movie), and the Divergent Series by Veronica Roth (made into a 2014 movie with a sequel scheduled for 2016). The only quotes Zazzle removed for ‘breaking copyright policy’ were those pulled from the Divergent Series.

Bravery Action Freedom (pink) Tshirts

Dauntless Manifesto on Wild Raccoon Press, Zazzle

I guess some authors/publishers are more protective of their quotes then others. Or, maybe, it’s just timing – it’s possible the World War Z quotes would have been blocked back in 2013.

I really liked the attitude presented by the Divergent quotes, so I created a few ‘inspired by’ slogans. They are based on quotes previously posted to this blog, specifically: Preparation and Bravery and the Dauntless Manifesto.

I like them. If you see me wearing one, please tell me what you think.

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