SFW Costumes: The Fan

This is the third in a series of posts about (SFW) costumes.

There are some people who would argue that dressing up as a ‘[fill in the blank] fan’  isn’t really a costume. While that is a valid point, I would like to suggest that attending the corporate (office) Halloween party is primarily about participating in the event and sharing time with co-workers. Therefore, using this as an opportunity to go all-out with your favorite [fill in the blank] fan attire is perfectly acceptable. In fact, it presents opportunities for conversations and connections that might not otherwise occur.

Easy Costume Creation

The ‘fan’ costume can be as simple and easy as your favorite t-shirt and one or two of your favorite examples of fan-schwag. It can be a hat, coat, buttons, face paint, or whatever else you happen to have that is both fun and appropriate to the event.

The Sports Fan


Do you live for Baseball? Is there a basketball team that you simply must see, live, at every opportunity?

How about football? Are your football season weekends controlled by a specific team?

Do you have t-shirts, jerseys, coats, hats, pendants and/or makeup that get pulled out everytime you get the chance to see your favorite team play live, on TV, at the sports bar, or…? Then this should be an easy costume for you! Just break out your most brilliant team shirt and your favorite fan-schwag.

Every office atmosphere is different, so put some thought into the level of extravagance that is appropriate. It may be prudent to limit this costume to a simple button, or it may be perfectly sensible to go all-out with everything from attire to face-paint. Use your common sense.


Also, keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be a professional team. Showing your support for a local team, or your child’s favorite sport can be an equally fun way to go.

Warning: There are some sports teams that continue to utilize racist logos and mascots. These are not appropriate in an office environment and may result in a visit to human resources. Be considerate of co-workers and use common sense when selecting an outfit or costume.


Music Fan

Similar to the sports fan, this is the costume for people who are die-hard followers of a particular style of music and/or musician. It is also an excellent opportunity for people who are members of musical organizations or bands to show-off a little.


If you are an avid follower of opera or orchestras, then the Halloween party may be the perfect opportunity to break out your favorite formal outfit! Showing up in full, formal, high-opera attire will naturally generate questions and stimulate conversations about opera, music, fashion and similar topics. As the night goes on, you may even connect with a few coworkers who share your love of music.


Fiction Fan

Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Dr. Who, Super Heroes – you get the idea. Pick your favorite and proudly show your alliance!


The fan costume applies to almost anything a person can identify with. If you habitually support a team or event, if you have amassed an impressive number of collectibles, or if you never miss a new release of a book/TV show/movie/game then you are a fan. Express yourself!

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