Giggle Book Award: Making Monsters Leave

The October Giggle Book award goes to a book that is more of a source of comfort than laughter. While this book sometimes causes the kids in my life to giggle, the primary reaction is something akin to relaxation. I suspect the reason it has been requested many times over is the clear illustration of visualization techniques that can be used to eliminate fears. Put more simply – this is how you make the monster under your bed go away.

Go Away Big Green Monster is a cut-out book (die cut). Each page has portions cut-out and each page reveals more detail and more cut-outs. So, the big green monster starts out as a pair of yellow eyes, grows to an entire face, and then disappears, one facial feature at a time. Describing the monster makes him appear, but forcefully telling the monster to go away makes him disappear.

If your child has reached that stage where every creek and shadow is some kind of living creature, this book may be a source of comfort.


“GO AWAY, big green monster! and DON’T COME BACK! Until I say so.”

Go Away Big Green Monster! by Ed Emberley

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