Comedy and Poetry over Quora

If you read my answers on Quora, you will notice that I am rather passionate about class, poverty, homelessness and human rights. Like most people who feel strongly about a cause, I am angry and frustrated. I am angered by the lack of real opportunities for people surviving poverty. I am frustrated by the lack of real change achieved by…anyone.

I am not a ‘poverty academic’ or ‘homelessness professional.’ My opinions and information are not based on research or professional connections – they are based on experience. Both online and in the face-to-face world, those who disagree with me, or view the topic from a ‘professional’ angle, see my experiential data source as proof that my opinions are best ignored. I have ‘lived a hard life’ and, therefore, cannot be expected to present an academically or politically sound perspective.


My life experience does not negate the validity of my opinions.

However, I am acutely aware of my own reality and the popular misconceptions that invariably accompany that reality. I do my utmost to make posts that are logical and reasonable.

Which is why I need to take a break from answering questions on Quora. My emotions are coming through in my answers. Expressing my opinion,  experience and emotion reduces the argumentative power behind the response. It potentially gives fence-sitters an excuse to take an opposing stance because (and only because) of the way I make them ‘feel.’ This is neither helpful nor productive. It’s time to take some time off and hold my silence for a while.

For now, I will allow the following people to speak in my place:

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