Poverty appropriation and the faux poor

This article delves into something I’ve been thinking about for quite a while. There have  always been people profiting off of theft from people powerless to fight back. I often wonder if the fashion industry could function without it. But poverty appropriation has become particularly trendy in recent years with the faux poor ‘proving’ poverty is fun and easy…feeding into stereotypes of all kinds.

Again, when i can get to the internet through a device other than my phone, this topic will be revisited.

4 thoughts on “Poverty appropriation and the faux poor

      • It’s possible they’ve already encountered their fair share. I once met a man who owned a house and maintained a middle to upper class income. He’d regularly stay at the shelter…as a CLIENT…to check out the real homeless people, get information (anything useful) and brag about how much better his survival skills were. He was particularly fond of talking about digging a hole in a snowbank and living out of it like an igloo. The shelter staff were fully aware and supportive because he (apparently) provided an example of what homeless people were supposed to be doing. It was disturbing on many levels. It’s also only of many examples i could provide. Based on personal experience, this is an extremely common activity and it usually is connected to some form of abuse targeting poverty survivors (homeless included) .

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