Crow Cures Cat’s Fear

This story addresses experience-based fear.It may be the perfect story for a child who is dealing with the aftermath of a really scary experience.

Story Synopsis: The cat is…well…a cat and, therefore, loves sitting on the roof of his city-based home. One day he jumps after a crow and falls off the roof, through a canopy and into the arms of a man standing on the sidewalk. In other words, he has a  traumatic near-death experience. While the cat is physically unharmed, he spends some time hiding in the house, terrified of almost everything. Then, one day, another crow comes along and he just can’t help but be himself (a cat).

Nothing was broken except his spirit…Until a crow showed up and that inner beast stirred again. The crow flew up, the cat jumped up. The crow went up, the cat went up, and up, and up…until he found himself on top of the world again.

Tiptop Cat by C. Roger Mader

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