Giggle Book Award: Adventure On The Way to Grandma’s House

The text for this book consists entirely of the lyrics from the classic Thanksgiving song Over The River and Through The Woods.

The illustrations provide a fun adventure story about a family of turnkeys who manage to get to Grandma’s house in time for Thanksgiving dinner, after evading a dog and a donkey on an out-of-control sled.

It’s a lot of fun to sing the song while pointing out all of the crazy things happening in the picture-story. The giggles tend to ensue when the donkey inadvertently saves the turkey family by crashing into the dog – and when the dog get’s a verbal beat-down from grandma turkey. In the end the dog is remorseful and, therefore, invited to the turkey family dinner.

I can honestly say this is one of the best Thanksgiving-themed children’s books I’ve seen.

Over the River A Turkey’s Tale by Derek Anderson. Based on the song by Lydia Maria Child.

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