Hope Is a Dangerous Indulgence

Quote 1:

That day, suns’ dawning burnished my perception for the first time in my life, and I knew how long a journey faced me, for it was like squinting at a firefly’s faint glow through darkened crysglass. My knowledge of scroll lore allowed me to rejoice in many previously unimaginable similes and metaphors. Yet also, I knew a miracle. There was light in my darkness. This was my introduction to the joys and frustrations of that priceless gift called hope.

Quote 2:

It is hard to wish for what one has never known. Wishes are free, not so?

Auli considered her statement. Are they, noble Qualiana? For wishes rely upon hope, and hope must perforce rest one paw within reality. Some wishes carry a great price, o Dragoness; a price that would crush a soul.

Quote 3:

Hope is that emotion most riven with glorious terror, a unique, intensely personal expression of suffering. May hope’s promise never play you false.

The Dragon Librarian (Scrolls of Fire Book 1) by Marc Secchia

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