The Eternal Challenge of Research and Data Management

The monastery had excellent records, if she could only find them in the chaos of some parakeet-brained numbwit’s catastrophe of a cataloguing system. Scrolls and books organised by year of recopying rather than subject area or even, year of origin? Nonsense! Everything had to be laboriously looked up in cross-indexes nearly as complicated as a library itself.

The harried-sounding young monk protested, “This is how we have always organised our records. See, since we follow this method, not a single one of the ancient scrolls has been lost to decay or vermin. We follow a regular, dependable schedule of lore preservation.” “

In which one cannot find the proverbial rajal in an open field?”

“It is a good system!”

“Does anybody actually attempt to use this library? Or is this merely an eternal, ennui-inducing exercise of ink and scrolleaf?”

“Ah … I’ll summon Master Jo’el, shall I?”

The Dragon Librarian (Scrolls of Fire Book 1) by Marc Secchia

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