Watching Death Enter

But Jonah knew death when he saw it . Sometimes he could feel it . He tried not to — it could get in the way of the work — tried to block out that knowing . Like , sometimes he knew that some guy who brushed by him on the street had cancer . Or some kid running by would fall off his bike that very afternoon and end up with a greenstick fracture of his right wrist . Sometimes he even knew the kid’s name , his age , where he lived . It could be that specific , so he’d made it a kind of game for a while . But it spooked him , so he stopped . With MacLeod , the knowing came on fast and strong , wouldn’t let him block it out . Worse , this came with something new . A seeing . The seizure had stopped by the time he and Patti Ann had arrived but , as he worked and called out details for Patti Ann to radio in , Jonah could see the patient in bed , rolling over , vomiting on the floor . Calling for help before he fell out of bed and began to convulse . He could see the wife rushing in , hear her voice as she cried out . He could hear it , see it all as if watching it on a big screen . And he didn’t fucking like it . When they rolled up to the ambulance bay , he did his best to turn off that screen , to do whatever he could to help save the life he knew was already gone .

Year One (Chronicles of The One) by Nora Roberts

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