Solving Poverty: Why Costs Are Not an Issue

A quick update to a question asked in the forums, in reaction to Solving Extreme Poverty in the USA.

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1 thought on “Solving Poverty: Why Costs Are Not an Issue

  1. Poverty and homelessness are social issues, yet you’re still calling for solutions which will “help people get *themselves* out of it.” This is exactly the kind of thinking that puts the responsibility for solving a society-wide problem on the backs of the victims.

    Also, you suggest that we shouldn’t even face the sleight-of-hand question, “How ya gonna pay for it?”, ignoring the fact that this is a red herring to distract people from agreeing to a society-wide solution.

    If you would *please* learn Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) you would find out that the United States can easily pay for it. There’s not a monetary constraint; it’s a political constraint: lack of political will.

    And, by the way, your taxes wouldn’t have to be raised. #LearnMMT!

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