Eagle Dad – New Animated Family Film

This story about This Bald Eagle Who Adopted A Rock “Egg” Just Had His Dad Dreams Come True (fatherly.com) has me fascinated and wishing someone would turn this into an animated book and/or family film.

Basic idea: Baby bald eagle is orphaned in a scary and sad scene, specifically: “…orphaned at only a week or two old, after a storm that threw him out of his tree.” Baby is given to middle aged (and never been a father before) Murphy, who becomes his foster dad and the only creature in the sanctuary who believes – really and truly BELIEVES! – that the orphaned chick hatched from the rock Murphy had been caring for like it was an egg. Add in Murphy’s friends Siouxsie, Lewis, Boston, and Mitch; each with kind yet wacky personalities; and the goal of getting the little chick back home, and you’ve got a fun story!

According to the Adopt-A-Bird Program – World Bird Sanctuary Lewis also fell out of his nest as a young chick, but was badly injured and could not return to the wild. In captivity, he discovered he likes begin around humans, is very curious in general and excels as a member of the sanctuary ‘flight team.’

That’s the only bird among Murphy’s friends that has a profile posted to the website or World Bird Sanctuary (@worldbirdsanctuary) | Instagram. I love how Lewis’ life story fits perfectly into the rest of the (potential) narrative.

It could become an excellent book and a good movie.

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