Giggle Books Awards

Giggle Books Awards

Giggle books are chosen by children.

As one of the many millions of adults privileged to read books to children on a regular basis, I often chose those books that I think are good (for dany number of reasons). While the children usually like the books I chose, every so often a book will stand out. It will make the children giggle uncontrollably, they will ask for the book over and over again, they will remember it long after it’s been returned to the library and/or they will know exactly where it’s kept on the bookshelf. These are Giggle Books.

Participating in the Giggle Books Awards

If you would like to post a Giggle Book Award to your own website, just do the following:

  1. Download the graphic and post it to your site (do NOT link directly to this graphic).
  2. Add a Giggle Book link to this page.
  3. Use the comments section below to post a link to your website, letting me know you have an award featured on your blog/website.

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