Different Words For Bravery

Fox: WOLF! You’re heading straight for the cannon!

Wolf: It’s not my fault! I can’t ride a motorcycle!!

Fox: Wow. He really is awfully brave, isn’t he?

Piranha: Well, yes, In Bolivia we have a name for people like that. We call them “idiots.”

The Bad Guys (book 3) by Aaron Blabey

Tough Love

Shark: You both need to stop arguing. It’s starting to really UPSET me…

Snake: Warning, schmorning! Do your worst, you dimwitted Hero wannabe!

Wolf: That’s it!

Shark: Don’t do it, Wolf.

Wolf: Too late!


Snake: Let me out of here right now!

Marmalade: Hey! Did he just eat the snake?

Shark: Aw, I warned you, Wolf!


Marmalade: And you just ate the wolf!

Wolf: Shark, what do you think you’re doing?! Spit me out!

Shark: No. Not until you can both learn to be friends.

The Bad Guys (book 3) by Aaron Blabey

Anyone Can Be Mad

Snake: I’ve heard of you! You’re that billionaire mad scientist.

Wolf: Billionaire mad scientist? He’s a guinea pig!

Marmalade: So what?! Just because I’m a guinea pig, I CAN’T BE a billionaire MAD scientist?

Wolf: Oh. Well, no…I supposed you could be…

The Bad Guys (book 3) by Aaron Blabey

Being a Hero is Hard Work

Snake: Hey, Many, can we talk about this for a second?

Wolf: There’s no time to talk! Hold on little buddies. It’s time to go BE A HERO!


…Piranha: If we survive this, I’m going to eat that wolf.

Snake: Not if I do first.

The Bad Guys (book 1) by Aaron Blabey

The Smell of Trouble

Wolf: We need to be able to SMELL trouble! In fact…wait a second…I think I can smell trouble right now. Wow, it’s really strong, actually. Hang on. That’s not…AW, WHO FARTED?!

The Bad Guys (book 1) by Aaron Blabey

Water is a Choice

Snake: Hey, shouldn’t you two be in water?


Piranha: Me too, chico.

Snake: See? This is why I don’t work with fish.

The Bad Guys (book 1) by Aaron Blabey

Wolf Isn’t Bad

Well, let me tell you something buddy — Just because I’ve got BIG Pointy Teeth and Razor-Sharp Claws and occasionally like to dress up like an old lady, that doesn’t mean I’m a Bad Guy.

The Bad Guys (book 1) by Aaron Blabey