Beautiful Rescue Dog


“Actually, he’s the most beloved dog in the universe – and this is just the boy to take care of him.”

Spike, the Ugliest Dog in the Universe by Debra Frasier

Foster Kid Future


Deep down I’ve always been aware that I’m just like the forty thousand other foster kids in America who age out of care every year to end up homeless, incarcerated, addicted, or dead.

-Etched in Sand by Regina Calcaterra

Finding Mommy


“When they stopped to rest, Mrs. Bear turned to Choco and said, “Choco, maybe I could be your mother.”

“You?” Choco cried. “But you aren’t yellow. And you don’t have wings, or big round cheeks, or striped feet like me!”

“My goodness!” said Mrs. Bear. “That would make me look very funny!” Choco thought it was funny too…And Choco was very happy that his new mommy looked just the way she did.”

A Mother for Choco by Keiko Kasza

In honor of adoptive families, here are a few more links: