Taking A Child To Work



This book is a lot of fun but I would strongly recommend reviewing it before reading it to a child – particularly if you are planning to take that child to work.

I honestly found myself wondering if this book was for children or parents because there are many worst-case-scenarios illustrated, but it all works out in the end.


“Another nice adult might try to show you how to use the hole punch and the paper shredder: They probably don’t know you’re already a confetti-making expert!”

“Even bosses get nervous before show-and-tell, so let him know you can help. And this time, don’t take no for an answer…When the boss gives his presentation, sit in the back and give him a thumbs-up. And when he’s done, clap really loudly, It’s good to set a positive example.”

Take Your Mama To Work Day, written by Amy Reichert and illustrated by Alexandra Boiger

April 28th is Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day!

Scary Yet Not


“Some people are a little bit scary.
But then, sometimes
(most times, maybe, I think)
sometimes they are not.”

The Little Bit Scary People, written by Emily Jenkins and illustrated by Alexandra Boiger