Lost Ones

I think about the lost ones who are still out there, each thinking that they are the only one of their kind. Somewhere, there is someone like me or Connie, being run out of town or left to starve because we’re not the ones they think will save mankind. People abandon their babies because they want to make sure there are more babies. We are not a logical race.

The Book of Flora (The Road to Nowhere 3) by Meg Elison

Big Brother Protection



“My mom said, “He’s smiling because he knows that he has the best big brother in the world.”
My dad said, “I’m proud that you wanted to protect Baby Thaniel, Tom…””

Don’t Eat The Baby! by Amy Young

Vampire Baby



“I had to convince Mom and Dad that Tootie really was a vampire baby. “Your sister is not a vampire,” Mom said. “Biting is just a phase.”

“…Back off, Bat Boy!” I said, scooping Tootie up. “And watch how you talk to my little sister. Tootie may be a vampire baby. But she’s my vampire baby.”

Vampire Baby, written by Kelly Bennet and illustrated by Paul Meisel