Wolf Isn’t Bad

Well, let me tell you something buddy — Just because I’ve got BIG Pointy Teeth and Razor-Sharp Claws and occasionally like to dress up like an old lady, that doesn’t mean I’m a Bad Guy.

The Bad Guys (book 1) by Aaron Blabey

Santa’s Lists Have Power!



“Santa’s lists of naughty and nice may be the stuff of legend, but from what I’ve seen, when Santa Claus is around, nobody wants to take any chances.”

Being Santa Claus: What I Learned about the True Meaning of Christmas by Sal Lizard, Jonathan P. Lane

Good and Bad Out There


This quote is a good example of the creepy…not scary, but creepy…nature of this book. Some of these stories may stick with you in rather unsettling ways:

He had read books, newspapers, and magazines. He knew that if you ran away you sometimes met bad people who did bad things to you; but he had also read fairy tales, so he knew that there were kind people out there, side by side with the monsters.

M Is for Magic by Neil Gaiman

This collection of stories was inspired by children’s stories, fairy tales and the like. However, this is Neil Gaiman – the stories are excellent, but they are not for children.

Not Good, Not Nice, Just Right



Last Midnight

“You’re so nice.
You’re not good, you’re not bad,
You’re just nice.
I’m not good, I’m not nice,
I’m just right.
I’m the witch.
You’re the world.
I’m the hitch, I’m what no one believes.
I’m the witch.”

Into The Woods, lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and book by James Lapine