Ninja Brothers Team Up

This is a story about two brothers. The older brother loves to pretend to be a ninja, but his ninja-play can be both rough and mean as he uses his little brother as a target. By the end, the older brother has decided to stop targeting the younger and takes him on as a partner-ninja.

As I was reading this, the children in my life made comments about the older brother’s behavior, such as: “That is very not nice!” and “You shouldn’t do that!”

I suspect this would be a very good book for families with siblings who regularly challenge one another.


Ninja plan, Ninja scheme.

Ninja lone? No…

Ninja team!

Ninja, Ninja, Never Stop!, written by Todd Tuell and illustrated by Tad Carpenter

Pirate Brothers


The two brothers took their places on board the ship. Fergus saluted, shouting “I saw a sea monster headed that way captain!

Pig Kahuna Pirates! by Jennifer Sattler

Big Brother Protection


“My mom said, “He’s smiling because he knows that he has the best big brother in the world.”
My dad said, “I’m proud that you wanted to protect Baby Thaniel, Tom…””

Don’t Eat The Baby! by Amy Young