Laughing Man


The storyteller’s fingertip touched the red symbol stamped on one corner. “This glyph means fate, or chance. The Laughing Man’s actions are so unexpected, and their effect is so profound, that his victims think it is a bitter joke. He destroys everything—even trust and hope. But there is one power that can counteract his.” She took out another card: a circle of people, arm in arm. “Fellowship,” she said.

Earth Logic (Elemental Logic) by Laurie J. Marks

September 21 is the International Day of Peace

Little Fish Co-operative Action


Swimmy thought and thought. Then suddenly he said “I have it! We are going to swim all together like the biggest fish in the sea!…When they had learned to swim like one giant fish in the sea, he said, “I’ll be the eye!” And so they swam in the cool morning water and in the midday sun and chased the big fish away.

Swimmy by Leo Lionni