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“I’m just me – a very big, very brave, very vegetarian Tyrannosaurus rex!”

Linus The Vegetarian T-Rex by Robert Neubecker

Halloween Book Review: Smiling Dinos


T. Rex Trick-or-Treats, written by Lois G. Grambling and illustrated by Jack E. Davis
T-Rex wants to wear a scary costume but he just can’t decide which one! Eventually, he goes trick-or-treating with his friends without much of a costume at all and is rather sad. Then, toward the end of the evening, he smiles his T-Rex smile and terrifies everyone! The moral of this story is simply this: Stop worrying and have fun!

This is a fun book for kids who love dinosaurs. A quote can be found here.

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Suggestions for Building Excitement Over The Holidays

Ordering Books: Whether you are building a family library or simply looking for a fun way to build-up to the Halloween celebration, having brand new books shipped to your home, in your child’s name, is a great way to do it. To a child, it is super exciting to receive a package in the mail, addressed to them! They may even want to read their brand-new book immediately AND before bed.

Library Holds: If you’d prefer to review the books before buying them, or need to maintain a tight budget, then use the local library. Go to the library website, locate the book and place it on hold. When the notification arrives, bring the child along and let them help find the books in the on-hold shelves.

Scary Dinosaur Smiles



Diplodocus and Stegosaurus and Iguanodon stared at their friend.

“Maybe next Halloween…” said Diplodocus.

“Instead of wearing a VERY BIG FROWN…” said Stegosaurus.

“You should wear that VERY BIG SMILE!” said Iguanodon.

“Now that would be scary!” The three friends said.

T. Rex said he would think about it.

T. Rex Trick-or-Treats, written by Lois G. Grambling and illustrated by Jack E. Davis

Tooth Fairy Friendship



Happy National Dental Hygiene Month!

“Is that the sound of a heart breaking?…It’s the sound of two new friends who’ve found the teeth of their dreams, and something else they love even more.”

The Dinosaur Tooth Fairy, written by Martha Brockenbrough and illustrated by Israel Sanchez

There’s Always Someone Bigger


This is a fun story and a good discussion starter for kids dealing with bullying. The solution presented is based on being friends with a dinosaur that is much larger than the bully. While finding a bigger and stronger friend to protect you is not always the best way to address threatening behavior, finding friends and/or allies can be crucial. And, in many cases, those allies are like the super big dinosaur in this book – directly underfoot but, for whatever reason, not yet noticed.


“You can shout as much as you like,” said Jackson, “but my friend can shout louder.”
…Snap! “Now do you believe that my friend can eat show-offs for breakfast?” asked Jackson….Jackson giggled. “Don’t worry. He could eat you, but he won’t!”

The Really, Really, Really BIG Dinosaur, by Richard Byrne

They Need Me There



“Can’t you come and stay with me?” said Danny. “We could have fun.”

“No ,” said the dinosaur. “I’ve had a good time – the best I’ve had in a hundred million years. But now I must get back to the museum. They need me there.”

“Oh,” said Danny. “Well, goodbye.”

Danny watched until the long tail was out of sight. Then he went home alone.

Danny and the Dinosaur by Syd Hoff

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