Special Friends



“No one needed a fancy blue ribbon to tell them that the calf was a special calf, Otis was a special tractor, and the two of them were special friends.”

Otis by Loren Long

All Together…And the Trucks Were Free!


“Thanks little brother,” said the Dump to Blue. “You helped me and they helped you. Now I see a lot depends on a helping hand from a few good friends!”

Little Blue Truck, written by Alice Schertle and illustrated by Jill McElmurry

The Road is the Place for a Kid Like Me



There’s a pig in the road!
And it’s easy to see
That the road is the place
For a kid like me.

So the cow looks at me
And the cow says “Moo!”
And the next thing I know
I’m standing there’s too!

…There’s a crowd in the road!
And it sure feels good
To wait all together
In our neighborhood.

Why are we waiting?
So we won’t be late…
The school bus comes
At a quarter to eight!

-There’s a COW In The Road, written by Reeve Lindbergh and illustrated by Tracey Campbell Pearson

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