Giant Killer is Unsure

Zert could read the doubt in his father’s scrunched eyebrows, could hear the uncertain hitch in his voice. For once, Jack, the fierce soldier of the Antarctica Wars, nicknamed Jack the Giant Killer by his men, wasn’t sure of the right thing to do.

Surviving Minimized by Andrea White

A Father’s Tattoos are Love Letters to his Children


Daddy hums to Marvin, but he couldn’t carry a tune if it came in a box. He’s wearing a Lakers jersey and no shirt underneath, revealing tattoos all over his arms. One of my baby photos smiles back at me, permanently etched on his arm with Something to live for, something to die for written beneath it. Seven and Sekani are on his other arm with the same words beneath them. Love letters in the simplest form.

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

Happy Father’s Day!

Giggle Book Award: Spy Games

This book was a hit with the kids in my life because Spy Guy is a kid who plays ‘spy games’ with his dad. It’s basically an elaborate game of hide and seek and his dad gives him both feedback pointers at every step. In the end, Spy Guy manages to sneak up on his dad, causing the adult to jump in fright, which is very funny to a child. Then Spy Guy’s dad proudly compliments him on his hiding place.

The only draw back to this book is the technique Spy Guy uses to sneak up on his dad. it involves climbing a tree and lowering himself down with a rope. If you have a child who is inclined toward actually trying such things, then be prepared to remind him or her that it’s a story, not an instruction book.

“The secret to spying…is never stop trying!”

Spy Guy, the Not So Secret Agent, written by Jessica Young and illustrated by Charles Santoso