Survival Options

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This is a nice article, but the following stood out:

“Nelson had been a prostitute for 38 years. She started working on the streets of New York City at the age of 14, after her mother committed suicide. When she was 18, she heard that clients were a lot less violent in Hawaii, so she hopped on a plane and moved to Waikiki.”

The reality is simply this – prostitution is one of the very few options available to children, teens and young adults without families supporting them. As things currently stand, there are no reasonably accessible and reliable legal options for basic survival.

That is wrong. That needs to change.


Restaurant In Hawaii Offers Fresh Start For Former Prostitutes, Convicts, Others Who Need A Hand, The Huffington Post, by Carla Herreria


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This article is one of many thousands (millions?) of examples of stories that begin with poor people, desperate for basic resources, taking offers of work and finding themselves enslaved. I can’t help but think that a livable wage, world wide, would take a huge chunk out of the human trafficking/slavery industry by eliminating the needs that make people vulnerable. It’s not a cure, but it is an absolutely necessary step – both for the reduction of slavery and addressing basic human rights issues worldwide (yes, that includes the United States and other first-world nations).

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