Mist Lifting



“She felt as if a mist had been lifted from her eyes, enabling her to took upon and comprehend the significance of life, that monster made up of beauty and brutality.”

The Awakening and Selected Short Stories by Kate Chopin

Scottish Monster Family



In faraway Scotland, here was a famous lake called Loch Ness. And legend had it that deep in this lake lived a monster. No one had ever seen it. But guess what? The legend was false. In truth, way way down at the bottom of Loch Ness there lived not one but three monsters!

The Lock Mess Monster, written by Helen Lester and illustrated by Lynn Munsinger

Monster for President



Monster made a difference, though he was too young to run. And Monster’s roar in politics had only just begun.

Monster Needs Your Vote, written by Paul Czajak and illustrated by Wendy Grieb

Giggle Book Award: Making Monsters Leave

dThe October Giggle Book award goes to a book that is more of a source of comfort than laughter. While this book sometimes causes the kids in my life to giggle, the primary reaction is something akin to relaxation. I suspect the reason it has been requested many times over is the clear illustration of visualization techniques that can be used to eliminate fears. Put more simply – this is how you make the monster under your bed go away.


Go Away Big Green Monster is a cut-out book (die cut). Each page has portions cut-out and each page reveals more detail and more cut-outs. So, the big green monster starts out as a pair of yellow eyes, grows to an entire face, and then disappears, one facial feature at a time. Describing the monster makes him appear, but forcefully telling the monster to go away makes him disappear.

If your child has reached that stage where every creek and shadow is some kind of living creature, this book may be a source of comfort.


“GO AWAY, big green monster! and DON’T COME BACK! Until I say so.”

Go Away Big Green Monster! by Ed Emberley

Shopping for Monsters



“Finally the monsters were working! Zack sprinted up the stairs two at a time to see what monsterly mischief has spooked his little sister…Slowly and carefully, Zack rid the room of the tiara terror.”

The Monstore, written by Tara Lazar and illustrated by James Burks

Familiarity Transforms Monsters



“Ms. Kirby, it’s REALLY strange seeing you outside of school.”

“…By lunchtime, Bobby and Ms. Kirby were happy they had bumped into each other.”

My Teacher is a Monster, by Peter Brown

Good and Bad Out There


This quote is a good example of the creepy…not scary, but creepy…nature of this book. Some of these stories may stick with you in rather unsettling ways:

He had read books, newspapers, and magazines. He knew that if you ran away you sometimes met bad people who did bad things to you; but he had also read fairy tales, so he knew that there were kind people out there, side by side with the monsters.

M Is for Magic by Neil Gaiman

This collection of stories was inspired by children’s stories, fairy tales and the like. However, this is Neil Gaiman – the stories are excellent, but they are not for children.

Krampus, Winter Monsters and Angels


Throughout November and December, most Americans are making costumes that fall under a ‘warm and fuzzy’ category. While Thanksgiving has it’s darker racial aspects (something to be examined later) and Christmas performances have similar issues, the objective and intent of … Continue reading