There Are Lines

She started to put on the cashmere coat — blue as her eyes — he’d given her for Christmas , but at his head shake , switched to her parka . At least he didn’t quibble about the cashmere scarf she wrapped around her neck . He helped her shoulder her backpack. “Can you handle it?”

She made a fist, bent her arm at the elbow . “I’m an urbanite who uses the gym . Or used to.” With it , she picked up her purse, put it on cross – body .

“Lana , you don’t need — ”

“I’m leaving my food processor, my Dutch oven , my worn exactly once Louboutin over – the – knee boots , but I’m not leaving without my purse.” Rolling her shoulders to adjust the pack, she gave him a steady, challenging stare. “Doom or no Doom, there are lines, Max . There are lines.”

“Were those the boots you walked into my office wearing — with one of my shirts?”

“Right . That makes worn twice.”

“I’ll miss them as much as you .”

It was good , she thought, good they’d made each other smile before they left their home .

Year One (Chronicles of The One) by Nora Roberts

Being Needed


I thought how there was a kind of power in being needed. In having a purpose. I could feel it hardening up my bones and thickening my blood.

Tell the Wolves I’m Home by Carol Rifka Brunt

They Need Me There


“Can’t you come and stay with me?” said Danny. “We could have fun.”

“No ,” said the dinosaur. “I’ve had a good time – the best I’ve had in a hundred million years. But now I must get back to the museum. They need me there.”

“Oh,” said Danny. “Well, goodbye.”

Danny watched until the long tail was out of sight. Then he went home alone.

Danny and the Dinosaur by Syd Hoff

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