Voices of Others: Feminism


This video has to many quotes waiting to be pulled. I would have to post a near-complete dictation to get it all, so I will simply provide the final statement:

“No one is invited because everyone is already here.”

The Voices of Others: F*ck I Look Like!


More strong opinions and good words created by other people.

It will be noted that I am white and this poem is about black experience. I fully acknowledged that I do not have her experience. Our differences do not diminish the power of her words or make it wrong (or improper) for me to include them in my list of good words and strong opinions. Additionally, there were points where she is definitely speaking to my own experiences as a poverty survivor – a few quotes:

  • “You’re looking at me like I’m not supposed to be standing here next to you. Like we’re in the same class but your idea of advanced is to advance that my mind can’t match you.”
  • “White people think they run shit because they got money to buy the source.”
  • “As soon as I raise my hand for anything other than a bathroom break, I become a weirdo.”
  • “Why would I use big words? So I can sound like you? You know what I sound like? Like I’ve read a book before.”

The Voices of Others: Rape Joke


It’s 2 in the morning. I’m listening to…and posting…the words of others. Sometimes, it’s good for the spirit to let someone else do the talking.