Might Makes Right

He had a point. The Galactic Order wasn’t necessarily fair; it was about establishing rules that benefited the major members of the order. That’s why they didn’t interfere with the slavery on Charoth, and it was probably why they have allowed Despona to be exploited by the Jarks and others. Tamara herself could empathize. After all, she was employed by the mercenary Red before being captured and enslaved. “I supposed might makes right,” she agreed, pausing to think. “But is war the only option?”

He grunted again. “It doesn’t have to be war, but without a strong military and without a powerful financial industry, you are left looking up to the rich rather than staring them in the eyes.”

Doom Sayer by Thane Keller

Just a Pawn



When she made the sacrifice, when she waited for Tam’s call that Artegal was on his way and went out for that fake press conference wearing her white homecoming dress so no one would mistake what she was trying to do, then run to the field where Artegal landed—she had felt powerful because she was doing something. She and the dragon had made this plan together, they’d done what they needed to do, and it had worked. Sure, the whole thing had been a little bit crazy, but rather than being scared she’d been giddy. She felt like they could have done anything.

She hadn’t felt like that in a while. This time, this plan, felt like a shot in the dark. She was a pawn, only able to move a step or two at a time.

Refuge of Dragons (Voices of Dragons #2) by Carrie Vaughn