Pet Shop Escape!


Mina lived a few doors down from the pet shop. Every day she heard the neighbors complain about the bad smell and terrible cries of the unhappy animals, but no one was brave enough to complain about the terrifying owner…Once the animals were all together, Mina opened the door and they ran in a great stampede of fur and feathers across the rumbling bridge.

The Pet Shop Revolution by Ana Juan

Heart First, Skills Second


“You’ve got a lot of heart, kid,” he says. “The rest – you can learn.”

Rescue Bunnies by Doreen Cronin and Scott Menchin

Polar Bear Cub Goes Home


Polar Bear Cub looks around. There don’t seem to be any other polar bears here. Then they hear something coming toward them. Mama!

Red Knit Cap Girl To the Rescue by Naoko Stoop


Professional Caretaker


I could picture Petra’s face, the self-mocking pout she puts on when she knows she’s being a brat. The trouble was, of course, I would come to her rescue. And she was banking on that. Growing up the way I did, my mother dying when I was in high school, my father forced to turn the house and meals over to me, I felt as though I’d been born old. I was tired of my own knee-jerk reaction. You’re in trouble? Say no more. V.I., the grumpy cousin, will bail you out! I wished I knew how to turn off that particular switch. I wondered for a moment if my whole detective practice was built on my private history of being an adolescent caretaker.

Body Work (V.I. Warshawski Novels) by Sara Paretsky

Digging Friends Out of the Snow



“Little Hedgehog sighed happily. “And what would we do without our friends?” Then, by the soft silver light of the moon, they chatted and giggled all the way to Badger’s house.”

One Snowy Rescue, Written by M. Christina Butler and illustrated by Tina Macnaughton