Taking A Child To Work



This book is a lot of fun but I would strongly recommend reviewing it before reading it to a child – particularly if you are planning to take that child to work.

I honestly found myself wondering if this book was for children or parents because there are many worst-case-scenarios illustrated, but it all works out in the end.


“Another nice adult might try to show you how to use the hole punch and the paper shredder: They probably don’t know you’re already a confetti-making expert!”

“Even bosses get nervous before show-and-tell, so let him know you can help. And this time, don’t take no for an answer…When the boss gives his presentation, sit in the back and give him a thumbs-up. And when he’s done, clap really loudly, It’s good to set a positive example.”

Take Your Mama To Work Day, written by Amy Reichert and illustrated by Alexandra Boiger

April 28th is Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day!