Giggle Book Award: Mailbox Friendship

This book is about long-distance friendship. Herman and Henry are best friends. they’ve been best friends since they were babies. Then Henry has to move away and Herman goes through a lot of emotions – until Henry invites him to visit. This results in Herman making the spontaneous decision to embark on a treacherous, midwinter, hibernation-season, journey to visit his friend. The journey is an exciting adventure culminating in some very humorous scenes involving sledding, crashing, snoring and a rescue-delivery coordinated by some kind strangers and a postal carrier.


How often do you read a story involving a rescue completed by a postal carrier?

The story is often interrupted by questions about the word jealousy, such as: What is it? What does it feel like? Why is Herman jealous? I must admit trying to define and explain jealousy is something of a challenge – but it’s a positive challenge.

There is a key moment when Herman falls asleep and begins to snore. He snores very loudly. This, combined with the travel adventures preceding it, result in many (many) giggles. Every. Single. Time.

It’s a fun book with a good adventure and a nice lesson about getting through the tough times with friends.

Herman’s Letter by Tom Percival