To-Read List

A list of books I intend to read (someday)

I have created this page as an easy way to keep track of titles as I stumble across them. Common sources include references in books I am currently reading, recommendation from people in real-life, references in articles, quotes made in text/speeches/conversations, and random items found on the internet. That said, the far majority of these come from my local library’s online catalog of eBooks. The ‘wish list’ I created has proven to be unmanageable, so I am slowly moving everything here. The following is in no particular order. Additional suggestions are always welcome.

NOTE: This list is being moved to my account. Books that are not listed on Good Reads will be listed here.

Non Fiction

  • I Write What I Like by Stephen Biko
  • Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner’s Guide: 33 Healing Herbs to Know, Grow, and Use by Rosemary Gladstar
  • Business Growth by Jennifer Prosek
  • Barternomics – Stop Paying For Everything! by Debbie Sardone
  • Author: Justin Blaney
  • Our Common Future, also known as the Brundtland Report, from the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development was published in 1987
  • Neither Here nor There: Travels in Europe by Bill Bryson
  • Author: Tom Hayden
  • Author: Dorothy Day
  • Way, Twigs (2009). Garden Gnomes, a History. Shire library
  • Saving Higher Education in the Age of Money by James Engell and Anthony Dangerfield


  • Fool’s Errand The Realm of the Elderlings: The Tawny Man Trilogy, Book 1 by Robin Hobb
  • Fool’s Fate The Realm of the Elderlings: The Tawny Man Trilogy, Book 3 by Robin Hobb
  • The Golden Fool The Realm of the Elderlings: The Tawny Man Trilogy, Book 2 by Robin Hobb
  • Sister Nations Native American Women Writers on Community by Laura Tohe
  • The Plague of Doves by Louise Erdrich
  • The Round House by Louise Erdrich
  • The Master Butchers Singing Club by Louise Erdrich
  • The Painted Drum by Louise Erdrich
  • The Antelope Wife by Louise Erdrich
  • Four Souls by Louise Erdrich
  • The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse by Louise Erdrich
  • The Game of Silence Little Frog Series, Book 2 by Louise Erdrich
  • The Porcupine Year Little Frog Series, Book 3 by Louise Erdrich
  • Chickadee Little Frog Series, Book 4 by Louise Erdrich
  • The Knife by Ross Ritchell
  • Behind the Beautiful Forevers Life, death, and hope in a Mumbai undercity by Katherine Boo
  • Theft by BK Loren
  • The Bully of Order by Brian Hart
  • The Man in the Box by Andrew Toy
  • The View from Here by Deborah Mckinlay
  • Paper Towns by
  • Blue Remembered Earth (Poseidon’s Children Book 1) by Alastair Reynolds

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