Karmic Hunting



“None of my college friends had ever hunted; that alone made Roy romantically cool in their eyes. They may have been living some version of the American Dream, but Roy was living the American Myth—the one of cowboys and guns, of a lot of action and not a lot of talk.”

“I told a friend about you, and he’s taken up hunting,” I said to Roy once, grappling for some common ground. “There’s this trend going on right now. People want to pay their karmic debt for eating meat, and this guy’s into it. Cool, huh?”

“Guy wants to hunt he should hunt,” said Roy. “Guy wants to pay his karmic debt he should take on a few long shifts at a slaughterhouse.”

Animal, Mineral, Radical: Essays on Wildlife, Family, and Food by BK Loren

Ground Up Gun Control


I read this sentence and immediately wondered how this form of gun control would work in the United States. It would certainly make gun safety and certification classes more interesting!:

Not until Zanja had filled her cartridge pouch with rounds of ammunition made by her own hands from ingredients she herself had found did she finally learn to load and shoot her pistols.”

Fire Logic (Elemental Logic) by Laurie J. Marks

Gun Rights and History



Lincoln was shot by a two-bit actor who was exercising his right bear arms.

God Bless You Dr. Kevorkian, by Kurt Vonnegut